About Us

The Marlton Business Association is one of the largest associations in South Jersey. Marlton is the largest municipality in Burlington County, New Jersey, with over 1800 registered businesses, 14,000 households, and boasts a population of over 50,000 residents. This allows the population of members to keep growing within the association. The Marlton Business Associations has over 250 members and is expanding. The Marlton Business Association is not exclusive just to Marlton but everyone in the surrounding towns and areas as well. The association is committed to helping business owners get more business and opening up membership allows everyone to be a part of something great.

Not only does the Marlton Business Association help businesses but it's other focus is to help build a strong community. Every year the Marlton Business Association takes an active role within the Marlton community through funding scholarships, and community-based charities. The association encourages their members to take an active part to help the community as well as gain business exposure.

Organizations We Help

Every year the Marlton Business Association helps tons of local organizations and charities.