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Inspiration Award

The Marlton Business Association not only rewards its members, but also recognizes individuals within the community by giving out The Inspiration Award. Started in 2016, the Inspiration Award recognizes an individual who, by their actions and good deeds serves as an inspiration to their neighbors, their community, and their township. This not only benefits the community but gives foundations, businesses, and charities the recognition they deserve.

Past Winners

David Silver- Operation Yellow Ribbon


David Silver has inspired many throughout the community of Marlton. His organization, Operation Yellow Ribbon, is responsible for sending care packages and supplies to our troop deployed. Every year he collects thousands of goods and supplies for the troops. Inspiring the people of the Marlton community to get involved with his cause is what makes him the recipient of the 2017 Inspiration Award.

Monica Vandenberg - Evesham Township


As Evesham's Deputy Manager, Monica has given back to her community in many ways. She has aided in helping Evesham provide services fpr many throughout the town. She also works in senior services for the township. Here she gives senior citizens special services to aid in their quality of living. She is a true inspiration by encouraging her fellow township members to keep giving back to the township of Evesham.