Food Truck Vendors

Food Truck Vendor Registration Closes May 29, 2020

(Or earlier if sold out.)

For Food Trucks you must send in the following:
• A One-Day Permit from the Evesham Twp Fire Department. Click Here for the Permit Application.
• A Copy of Sales Tax Certificate and County Health Certificate
• A Copy of Certificate of Insurance naming 'Township of Evesham' as Certificate Holder

Trash/ recycle cans are being provided - please deposit your trash at the end of the event.

Electric will not be available from us but many of the lightpoles on Main Street have plugs. If needed, you will need to bring your own generator or battery packs. Extension cords, tents, etc. are the responsibility of the individual vendors. Please note, if a tent is being used, it mush be flame retardant and must be secured in case of wind.

As a food truck vendor, please accept the experience of past years. We would like to see our vendors offer more than sample sizes but less than full meal sizes as a way of showcasing some of your signature dishes and charging about $5/$8 for such serving sizes. Please use this event also as a way to highlight your menu and feel free to bring other marketing info with you like discount cards, brochures, menus, etc. Applications will be approved or amended as received given the limited number of spots.